About G2

Strategic, Creative and Disciplined

G2’s marketing methodology allows us to identify, adapt to emerging trends capture new value and perhaps, more importantly, to make mid-course corrections since markets are dynamic. 

The right channels at the right time for the right audience

Integrated Marketing programs, among other digital capabilities, are used to capture value for clients, engage our audience (viewers/visitors/attendees). We have launched a media platform under the brand G2 Digital Media which consists of digital radio and content features for niche audiences and clients who want to engage them. G2 also has considerable experience and expertise in Multicultural Marketing.

The Process

  • Data-driven Strategy

  • Customization

  • Implementation & Execution

  • Continuous Improvement

20 years of Digital

Since our inception in 1997, G2 Marketing has been immersed in digital marketing and its disruption of traditional media. We’re loving the journey!

Bert Girigorie, Lead Strategist for Agency Operations 

My digital marketing career began in 1997 when I began to realize the potential of this emerging technology while working in sales with broadcast radio clients. After working closely with a client to develop their first website, I was hooked. Can you recall what those first sites look like?
For me digital marketing is a profession and a passion.

Who’d thunk it!

Ian Heath, Lead Developer

I'm an artist by nature and a coder by trade. I enjoy creating print and digital media as well as learning new techniques. The Web is my canvas, studio, and professor.


G2 Digital Media

A joint venture, managed by a team of Digital Specialists. We’re  developing a portfolio of digital properties and brands with content specifically designed to attract and engage all segments of the African-American audience. read more

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Peggy Marleen, Announcer & Voice Over Talent

The Digital Media Collective 

an industry forum for new business development for media professionals who

Performance & Value – It’s existential for G2.

Performance is the benchmark for our business, by producing measurable results for our clients



We are committed to continuously improve the quality of our work by recruiting and mentoring talent that shares our business values.

represent all aspects of digital media