G2 Digital Media

We engage our listeners/viewers with music, culture, and perhaps most importantly consciousness.

G2 Digital Media is a group of digital media properties and brands developed to attract and engage a primary audience of African-Americans 25+ and general market audiences of 25+. Digital Marketing platforms such as Streaming Media (aka Digital Radio)  allow precision targeting which means significant marketing ROI for our Advertisers and Partners.

Additionally Digital Radio provides another digital marketing dimension that is trending much like social media did 10 years ago. Our digital radio brands are formatted and programmed for specific segments of the African-American consumer market.



G2 Digital Media produces digital advertising

Original Content & Features
Targeted 30 sec. audio ads
Digital Display ads on G2 sites
Audience Research & Insights
G2’s Web Developers 

have optimized our sites for marketing performance with customized WordPress and CSS applications. This means we can develop state-of-the-art sites effectively and efficiently when working with our clients and stakeholders. 

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G2 Sites
  • Responsive
  • Lead Gen/Lead Nurturing
  • Social Media channels
  • Ecommerce enabled

G2 Properties & Brands

Fusion At Sunset – “Streaming The Total Spectrum Of Jazz”©

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Format – Jazz Fusion, Contemporary Jazz & Funk

Rhythm And Soul Radio

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Format – Urban Eclectic©

Conversations on Music & Life

Projects Under Development

The Next Black President
Digital Driver
The Beautiful Network

Advertise with G2 Digital Media

G2 will develop and execute a digital campaign

Campaign Elements
  • 30 sec. In-stream Audio Ads
  • Display Ads linked to Advertisers/Partners’ sites
  • Display Ad on Media Player
  • Media Buying on aligned sites