Broadcast & Digital Radio

Strategic Planning for Broadcasters

Broadcast is facing existential challenges. Remember Print media?
G2 Marketing has 25+ years experience in Radio Marketing, Sales and Programming. We specialize in working Independent and Small Broadcast groups who are typically “outgunned” in terms of capital and resources by large corporate broadcast competitors. Think of us a force multiplier providing insights and solutions to compete and win in your market. 
Results, Not Rhetoric is more than our tagline; it’s a disciplined adherence to of our proven strategic process. 
Our consulting work with Broadcasters most often include performance based compensation; we don’t just talk the talk with the latest industry buzz words. We create new business value for our broadcast clients to drive our compensation.

Digital Strategy for Broadcasters

Capabilities & Capacity Growth
Programming Consulting
Sales Pipeline & Forecasting 

Audience Development

Inbound Marketing
Content Development & Distribution
Strategic Partnerships


Revenue Development

Unsold Inventory
Lead Gen Campaigns
Sales Operations

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Services for Broadcasters

G2 provides a range of robust solutions that add and/or enhance the Broadcaster’s marketing capabilities and capacities