The Digital Media Collective™  

is a specialized digital Ad Exchange for select National & Regional Advertisers, and Media Buyers who want to reach and our engage niche audiences of listeners/visitors that connect with hundreds of digital radio stations, streaming  24/7 in specific formats. 

Many of these digital stations are also traditional broadcasters, who provide new value for station clients. 

Audiences want the same thing from broadcast or digital; music and contextual content and information that aligns with their lifestyle.

1oo million Americans connect to Digital Radio every month 

Digital Radio is the most efficient Reach & Frequency platform. Aside from the 2 well-established brands in the industry, there are thousands of professional streamers; some are the digital companions to terrestrial broadcasters, while others are pure-play stand alones.  Listeners, connect with  streaming media and the full range of smart devices.

The collective audiences of these streamers produce billions of total listening hours/month.  Yes billions!


The Mission

A platform that creates new business value for each of our stakeholders
Better media buys and audience insights for Demand Side partners
Sustainable new revenue streams for Supply-Side partners
Engaging content, better fact-based information, and service to the communities of the audience
Curating an open-source digital media forum for thought leadership and best practices for the industry.

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Demand Side Partners
Supply Side Partners
Media Professionals
Media Neophytes

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The DMC Urban Audience 

Urban & Multicultural Audience Segmentation

Reach an audience of 3 million with streaming digital radio delivering music and lifestyle content in specific formats.


Urban Contemporary
Adult Urban Contemporary
Reggae & Dance Hall


Adult Urban Contemporary 
Old School & Hip-Hop
Neo Soul


Classic Jazz 
Contemporary Jazz
Classic Soul &R&B
Jazz Fusion & Funk

Digital Media 

Pre-sell more inventory each month, and earn more revenue/mo. with your existing audience

Grow your monthly audience, grow your monthly revenue. It's that simple.

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Marketers , Agencies and Brands (Demand Partners)

The DCM delivers targeted impressions with the reach and frequency of digital in-stream audio ads, which has no ad blocking software or premium subscriptions that exclude ads. 

Digital Radio - The effective Reach medium is also emerging as the dominant music delivery medium across all connected devices.

Mobile Tablets PC's at work, Bluetooth connectivity in Auto's, Home Theatre Systems entertaining at home

When listeners & visitors connect to free streams of their favorite music and content they take note and are more likely to engage with advertisers who support these streaming stations and publishers.

Ad Guidelines

No Tobacco products. The DMC will exercise editorial discretion on alcoholic ad content as well as any ad content which could be consider insensitive or inappropriate. It's very important to protect the good names of all of our stakeholders. 

Digital Audio - 30's

30 sec. recorded spot

Impression tracked by unique IP's

Digital Audio - Content Sponsor

30 sec recorded spots

Shows & Content Features 

Open & Close Billboard/hr.

Sponsored Promotional Announcements

Landing Page & Lead Capture

Display Ad

Various IAB ad units


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